Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Australian Amway experience?

Welcome to the blog which is the support blog for a new site about the Amway experience and solely from the Australian perspective.

Amway and it's two major AMO's currently operating in Australia, being IDA and Network 21, has impacted on the lives of thousands upon thousands of IBO's (Independent Business Owner's - the term that Amway distributors are known as) and their families. The primary purpose of the site is to give the opportunity for the Australian public to submit their stories about their own Amway/AMO experiences so that a clearer picture can be revealed as to what the Australian Amway/AMO experience is really like and how it has impacted on the lives of those involved.

So whether your an ex-IBO, a current or potential IBO, have family, friends or loved ones who are IBO's or if you have had anything to do with Amway, IDA or Network 21, then we invite you to check out the site and share your story. The site also contains general information, research suggestions, links to related websites and more.

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