Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Amway Testimonials

Our site continues to receive tremendous amounts of traffic daily which is fantastic. Bit disappointing though that we only received a couple of testimonials last month. We were by no means expecting hundreds or even dozens of testimonials but more than two would have been nice! So apologies to all the site visitors who frequently return to check for more testimonials. We thank you for your continued interest and sincerely wish there was more for you to read!

Now there could be numerous reasons as to why the testimonials aren't trickling in and we can only guess, but perhaps because there are no testimonials already there that people may be put off by sharing their story, you know the "l don't want to be the first one" type thinking? So to try and give the site a bit of a kick on, in the next few days, we will be posting testimonials from Australians that have been previously submitted on other sites. Hopefully that this might do the trick?

We will also add the link to this blog to the main menu of the website. This will enable site visitors to easily locate the blog which we use to promote the site and communicate it's happenings, as well as posting about any significant Amway/AMO news or other Amway related topics.

As always, your feedback, comments or suggestions regarding the site or this blog for that matter are always welcome and that goes for our international visitors too!


IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

feel free to post my email to you pointing out the flaws in some of your "questions" :-)

But here's a radical theory for you - the great majority of folk who try Amway and then stop for whatever reason - the great majority of them have no complaints, got on with their lives, aren't bothering to go whine about it.

As for those who kept giving it a go, they're still there happy as larry and not wasting their time looking for sites about "amway victims".

Just a theory - could even be true!


ozamwayvictims.com said...


So the "great majority" of people who quit Amway "have no complaints" eh? Now that is a radical theory indeed.

So following your logic, that must mean then that only a small minority of IBO's that quit actually have any complaints about the business. Geez, wouldn't ya just love to see some stats as to the reasons why IBO's are qutting in the sheer numbers that they are? We doubt highly that those stats would back up your theory.

In any case, whether it be one complaint or thousands of complaints, it makes no difference. It is what the people are complaining about. Sure, there are ex-ibo's who just move on and never share their experiences, whether they were good or bad ones. But far out man, when you have thousands upon thousands of testimonials that span over 20+ years, that pretty much all "whine" about the same issues, even to this day, there is something seriously wrong.

Hence, you still have a business which has the worst reputation in the world. Sure doesn't help when you have several Diamonds resigning/terminated, lawsuits, AMO's being terminated and government investigations in the UK and India going on does it? Not to mention the many high level ex-IBO's who have already blown the whistle. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

And as for those who are giving it a go. It's totally believable that they're not looking for critical sites, why would they....unless they wanted to ignore uplines advice to avoid or disregard anything negative and critical of Amway that's on the net (like we were told to.

Here's our theory on that: It seems in the Amway business, critical and negative = lies. To the rest of the world critical and negative = a source of truth.

Our site is after testimonials from both good and bad perspectives. We do realise that we probably won't get many good ones, not just because there aren't any, but it makes us wonder that if millions and millions of people have joined Amway, then where are the millions of Diamond success stories to match?