Saturday, February 2, 2008

Interview With An Ex-Amway IBO

We often read Amway/Quixtar related blogs, both pro and's a great way to learn about other people's experiences from all around the world...

One of the blogs we regularly read is Rocket's ex Amway (come Quixtar and soon back to Amway) IBO from Canada. He's pretty blunt and to the point with what he says...something we like.... He's recently interviewed a former Amway IBO who has candidly answered his questions and elaborated on his Amway experience....Really interesting reading with plenty of food for thought being dished out...

Although this only one persons experience and a US one at that, we think this is worthwhile of mentioning and linking this interview on our blog. Whether it resonates truth with the typical Australian Amway experience also, we can't say for sure, in any case, it's very informative about what can and does happen in Amway in other parts of the world...

Part 1:

Part 2:

We will add future segments in this post as they occur.

Part 3:

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