Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trevor Chatham - Former Amway Australia EDC

Trevor Chatham was a former Executive Diamond in Amway Australia until Amway terminated his business in 2006. Rather than us tell you his story, you can read it for yourself here:
As you can probably see, Trevor is pretty pissed at how Amway Australia have treated him and he says that he will make his story public so his truth gets told. Now if you really want to read about the nitty gritty details of this dispute between Trevor and Amway Australia (ie, the letters/emails Trevor could not publish as ordered by the Federal Court) then read a copy of the Federal Court documents (dated March 2008) relating to this dispute.

It's a long read being 48 pages worth, but well worth reading. Some damming stuff indeed.

Now we must admit, that the thought had crossed our minds that Trevor could have been the "Anonymous Amway Transparency Guy" that has been posted some extremely interesting comments over the last month or so over at Orrin Woodward's blog. But apparently this is not the case.
In any case, with Amway Transparency Guy (who we believe was as high as a Sapphire) coming out of the woods and sharing his views about Amway Australia plus Trevor Chatham, who will no doubt unleash his truth and inform the Australian public about his Amway experience (once he is cleared to do so), it does not look good for Amway Australia.
We often get criticised for not understanding "the business" and for being ignorant in many facets of it. We do not nor have ever claimed to be all knowing about this "business", we are indeed outsiders looking in, but for all you staunch IBO's who tell us we don't know what we're talking about, what do you say to these former high level IBO's who are now blowing the whistle on your "business"?
Ah, don't ya just love whistleblowers?


xbeliever said...

It is absolutely fantastic to see the truth regarding all the lies and deceptions within "the business" and "the system" finally getting to see the light of day so that those still caught up in the nightmare of the cultlike organizations can finally be set free. The court document certainly goes a long way to revealing the true character of the so called "leaders" of these organizations. We recognize these "true characters" because we too experienced dealing with them for many years.

God bless the whistleblowers and may their voices be heard loud and long!

You can read more of our experiences and testimonies by reading all my posts at

xbeliever said...

I think it should also be remembered that all of the big pins who have left "the business" and now are openly critical and are exposing very damning evidence have actually had all of this knowledge for many years. Notwithstanding the fact that they knew of all the facts, they were very happy to keep the lies and deceptions going whilst they were reaping the profits from ibo's being taught to use their own products and pour their hard earned cash into books, tapes and functions. In fact, the court document shows that even chatham was willing to remain silent if the money was to keep coming to him. He only became openly critical of either amway or ida after income or benefits were taken away. What does this tell you about character?

In my opinion those who were aware of the declining business and yet continued participation in the ongoing promotion of a "proven system for success" as "the systems" were always espoused to be, were all motivated by greed and were in fact openly and fraudulently taking advantage of innocent partipants who continued to be brought into their schemes under false pretences.

ozamwayvictims said...

Thanks for your comments X. Your posts at Qblog are indeed are very insightful and yet sometimes disturbing read.

Yep, also agree with you regarding the character of these Diamonds and above, are showing. They knew for many years that things are seriously wrong with this "business" and yet, they continued to promote it as "the best opportunity in the world", sucking people in fully knowing that the chances of success and fulfillment of dreams for new recruits was virtually an unachievable feat.

Seems that honesty and integrity gets thrown out the window when there is vast amounts of tool money at stake.

Thanks again for stopping by X, we know if you have many years experience as an IBO and commend you for speaking out about it and educating others of what can and does happen in this "business".

Please feel free to add your thoughts on the issues we address on our blog posts.

Anonymous said...

We were part of Trevor's group in Canberra. A huge organisation that seemed to be larger than the others put together as well as being separate from the rest of IDA. Trevor always seemed to tread his own path with things like his version of the plan available as a tool.

We started to fall away in early 2000 but always felt Trevor seemed ahead of the game reading books outside the system and telling his organisation. Being frustrated with senior management at Amway seemed to normal when he tried push the business forward. Within Amway he was the maverick quite different from those so-called American mavericks who where hyped up clones and didn't really offer anything new.

It is a pity to see the treatment meted out him when he was one of the largest groups within the largest group at the time in Australia.

However, the system breeds such protectionist behaviour. The tools always offer more money and as such drives what we have seen.

ozamwayvictims said...

Thanks Anon for your comment.

"The tools always offer more money and as such drives what we have seen".

Yep, this last sentence you wrote sums it nicely.