Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amway Australia Business Centres

Amway Australia has opened its Business Centre in Sydney with Melbourne and Brisbane to come. What are the Business Centres designed to do? We'll let an email from Amway Australia (reposted here: http://www.webraw.com/quixtar/forum/viewtopic.php?p=73214&highlight=#73214 ) provide the answer.
We noticed this ad for a Retail Sales Assistant for the Business Centre:

"Drawing on your previous retail exposure, demonstrate your top-notch selling/merchandising skills and provide second-to-none customer service that promotes a positive shopping experience every contact."

So, if Mr Joe Public walks in off the street and decides to buy the $68 SA8 3kg Laundry Powder, the $31 Shaving Gel and $122 Double X Vitamins (we kid you not, these are the actual retail prices) from said Retail Sales Assistant, then WHO gets the commission, if any, on the sale?
Do any IBO's get a cut of it (and how) or does Amway Australia retain the profits, hence undercutting it's distributor force by selling directly to the public?
If anyone knows the answer to this question, please feel free to enlighten us.


Anonymous said...

they would be refered to or assigned to an IBO. Amway does NOT sell to non IBO's

ozamwayvictims said...

So if the general public can't purchase anything from the Business Centre directly without being referred/assigned to an IBO, then HOW does Amway determine which IBO/s they get referred or assigned to?

We assume the customer would be advised that they are being referred to an IBO, so what info does the customer have to disclose in order to be assigned to an IBO?

What happens if they do not want to be referred to an IBO and simply just want to buy the product?

Anonymous said...

How they are referred is priveledged information. I am not prepared to disclose. No secret - just irrelevan to a non ibo.


ozamwayvictims said...

Thanks Anon for your input.

We do hope that whatever system Amway uses to refer/assign the public to IBO's is a fair and equitable one.

Though personally, if we had to disclose our personal info which gets given to some random IBO who we know nothing about just so we could buy some products, then well we wouldn't bother. Simply a matter of privacy.

Anonymous said...

you're a victim remember - why do you care?

good - the reality is you wouldnt be in there anyway and if you were you wouldnt give any data. do you give it to coles - na!