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Amway Testimonials - Perspectives from Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Workmates & General

Continuing on with transferring the testimonials from the site to here, below are some testimonials (pre-2007) found on various sites from either friends, loved ones, workmates etc of IBO's and comments from the general public. Links to original sources included.

You only have to read the Australian June 17 edition of Business Review Weekly, which headlined on the front page, "Amway fights agent exodus". Inside it started by saying that the number of Australians who sell Amway products has dropped by more than 30 percent since 1992-93.

That's huge. Yet the company itself is still making top dollar. OK so they have now changed the bonus incentives, so you don't have to have as many points, but that's to late for thousands of Australians who have been built up with huge dreams and then let down with the reality.


Very interesting stuff you have on Amway. I suspected a rat behind the so called amway training and motivation. If a product cannot sell itself, then there is either a problem with the product or the organisation. We have the same problem in Perth, Western Australia. People acting as self destructing lemmings, rather than using their intellegence and costing the business structure. It does not require much intellegence to realise that the major cost is the labour component. It takes four years to train an apprentice to become a tradesman, and three to five years to obtain a university degree. Then you start learning about your profession. If you listen to the negative motivational Amway hyp, then it is impossible for Bill Gates of Microsoft to exist. At least Microsoft, employs real people in real jobs. Amway is a pretend job selling a pretend idea. Wealth is not measured by money. It is the intangables in life that counts. Good health, good friends, quality time with your family, freedom of speech, the public library education. The Amway family will never be a genuine relationship. As I told one of the Amway uplines " If you put the amount of effort and time that you place in Away, into any vocation or business of your choice, then you will be successful. I for one am not interested in earning an income the Amway way. The people I have met in Amway are only users and negative motivators.

Great site

Amway is alive and well in Australia, using various alias' and claims of internet expansions.
What amazes me is the simple mathematics that these so called business operators cant seem to grasp Assuming that each Amway agent recruits just 7 active members who in turn recruit 7 more each, etc etc How many layers will be needed to recruit every man women and child on the planet (pop= 6 bil) ? Answer = less than 12 levels (11.57...) The more people recruited at each level the more frightening the numbers become. Its the business equivalent of a chain letter.
Is the motivational angle of Amway worthwhile? Yes! How else can you explain the failure of people to see fucking obvious. Pity they cant use all that energy to produce something worthwhile for humanity other than generic branded groceries.


Hi Scott.

Just thought I'd write in with my experiences. Down in Australia, we have to put up with A2K. Associated people, when pushed, flatly deny that it is in any way linked to Amway, until you put it to them that even the name stands for "Amway 2000".

They are no where near the organized sort of crew that you guy seem to have. When approached at the local McDonalds by a smoking man and asked "oi bro... wanna make some quick cash" I was certain he was referring to drug running, and almost called the police.
I ended up in a meeting with the guy. My technical background (I work at a large ISP) was how I knew not to get involved. You see the web site ( runs on Win32 Apache, which even its creators say doesn't work very well. They advise not using it on any important web sites and, more importantly, stress that it can't handle much load.

I spent the whole night looking over the statistics, and I assure you, if that web site was getting even a quarter of the hits they claimed it was, it would have keeled over and died, it's as simple as that.

The crew is a pain in the ass quick frankly. They still ring me every so often and ask if I'm "happy with my life".

What gets me the most is this concept where they seem to believe anyone who owns a credit card is a fool. It's not enough just to somehow convince themselves that they can actually live without one, but when I take my gold card and make $1500 purchases, then pay it off within a week, people who still work at McDonalds (and there are several in the 16-20 year old group I know of which do this) assure me they only work there to keep themselves from getting bored, as they don't actually have to do anything to rake in the money at Amway.
They then typically have the gall to swear to me that my work has no job security and I'm going to get fired and go broke any day now.

I've since had friends get very caught up in the group and take it personally when I talk about it, so if you want to publish this please keep my address private


My ex-husband attempted to build amway for 5 years. He did everything they told him to do. He bought all the "tools" went to meetings every week, travelled to all the seminars and bought every tape they sold. He was out every night and was never home for me or our daughter. He would go straight home from work, get into a suit and "drive the miles" until at least 1.00am every morning. He would then heat his meal up in the microwave before going to bed at 2.00 and then having to rise again at 6.00am! He was totally obsessed and brainwashed. But guess what! He didn't make a cent!!! All this work, and we were getting deeper and deeper in debt. Whenever I pointed this out to him, I was dismissed as "negative" or "a Harry". Amway was like a God to him, and the diamonds were the prophets. He would reduce me to tears if I commented negatively about any of the diamonds. He would say (not in so many words) "well they are diamonds, they made it, you're nothing!". We hit 9% once but usually averaged 3%. Amway ultimately broke up our marriage and we split up after 3 years in amway. He tried building the business for another 2 years but then he finally realised that he was NOT going to get rich with it and he only lost everything that mattered to him. And guess what else happened!! He was in a car with a "prospect" when it crashed and he broke his wrist. He is no longer able to perform his normal job. Did Amway compensate him because he was building a business??? You've got to be joking. They are totally unaccountable for that, just as they are for breaking up hundreds of marriages!!!!He is now pennyless and still paying off his credit card from buying tools etc 3 years ago.Amway is an evil cult! Keep away from it!

Post October 2007 testimonials:
A couple of weeks ago a guy that works in my office joined this internet businessand has been nagging me and other workmates ever since to come to these meetings. Henever said what the business is called but having done the Amway thing many yearsago, l knew what it was straight away. Can't believe that they are still pimping the "financial freedom" 2-5 year plan and all the motivational crap to brainwash the suckers into believing that it can be achieved.

Now this young fella is all gung-ho but he's a good bloke if not naive and somewhat gullible. So I've hunted on the net and printed off some pages to give him that l found on the Amquix info site to try and open his eyes. That's where l found the link to your site. I read your story and it confirmed that the "business" has not changed much from when l was in.

Now that l've found your site l'll refer him to it as well. You haven't got any stories up yet, but l see that it's only a new site. Thanks for putting up the site and I'll send in my own horror story when l have more time.

Ex-Amway Sucker.

My partner (who I don't live with, we have a long distance relationship, nearly 2 years)...joined Amway as an IBO only 4 months ago. His personality has changed, to say the least. I miss my "before Amway" partner. I miss the conversations we used to have. We talked about anything & everything. Now all I hear is Amway this and Amway that or my Upline (Gosh I hate that word) said this or my Upline said that. He said to me once "We are not allowed to question our upline" I asked him, Why not? In any other business where you're investing your money - you're ENTITLED to question anything & everything to do with that business!" He didn't like that.
It's like Amway Upline is God & I musn't speak badly of him.

He doesn't watch TV anymore (I don't think they're allowed to) or read newspapers. IBO's are not allowed to look at anything "negative". It's like they are mentally & emotionally removed from the REAL WORLD. Every night he listens to books & tapes (brainwashings I call them). Rantings from American "Diamonds" who say Don't quit! Keep going! blah blah blah. Makes me feel sick just hearing their voices. I've been to 1 of the functions, tried to be supportive to my partner. It's like a church. They seem to praise & worship the Diamond(s) on stage. It doesn't seem right. His main focus now is .... future financial freedom & wealthy lifestyle.

The dreams are in his head 24/7. He talks in a happy excited dreamlike state (Amway
convince him to constantly dream, not small dreams either, huge & RIDICULOUS dreams
e.g. Ferrari, private jet, butler, mansion???!!!). At the moment they have a promotion which includes a trip to Mauritius. He says "I'm going to Mauritius! like he's already there! I feel embarassed, for him. He buys all their overpriced products & goes on about how wonderful they are because they get a return at the end of the tax year. Whatever, it's a 3% return on books &
tapes & very expensive products, e.g. $23 for a large tube of toothpaste! All I can say is - what a ripoff & everyone knows that too. I don't know how much he is spending - but I know it's a lot & that too is affecting our relationship. No money left for petrol to drive back home! He has some sort of direct debit (autopayments) going in to Amway as deposits, each week.He hasn't received any returns from the business. He told me his reason for doing this is because he's sick of being broke. I can understand that. Like me, he's a struggling single parent with 3 kids. But what gets me is...they are making him MORE broke because he MUST buy all their stuff! Amway preys on the poor or middle income earners.

They manipulate the persons mind by using their dreams as the main goal to achieve in this business. To keep a long story short, we are not together anymore. I want him to go on his ride, without me. I don't want to stay & be responsible for the guilt I will feel if he decides to quit. Four months was long enough for me. I also have a friend who's marriage ended & broken family (children)...because her husband was involved in Amway. After the divorce, she remarried. Her ex-husband has now gone back to the drink, no longer with Amway, alcoholic, and broke. Poor man has lost everything, including his pride.

Thank you Amway - for taking my partner away. I really do hate them...with all my heart.


Anonymous said...

Most, if not all of your site, is regurgitated unsubstantiated crap from other sites.
In the worlds of Maxwell smart - if only you hade used this much time to build instead of pulling down you'd have save some money.

Actually you said it all in your introduction.As long as you believew you are ORDINARY WORKING CLASS then thats probably all you will be!!

ozamwayvictims said...

Umm yeah, the post clearly states that these are testimonials from other various sites as well as from our site. Anything that we have found relating to the Australian Amway business is here, because well, being a site/blog purely about the Australian Amway business it makes sense to collate them all here, no?

"Unsubstantiated"...well yes, personal testimonies without actual verifiable proof, we'd call unsubstantiated.

As we have said in a comment one of our previous posts...
"What the readers think of what we have to say, well, it’s up to them to make up their own minds about. To some, there may not be a single ring of truth to it, to others it may resonate truth completely or to other varying degrees. Everyone has their own truth about everything".

You've expressed yours, and we thank you for it.

Now IBO's that claim that their "Diamond" is a millionaire cause they've seen one of their cheques, or says you can make $50,000 pa in 12-18 months working just 10-12hrs pw, or that "Amway has made more millionaires than Microsoft" and the list goes on and on, well that is what we call "unsubstantiated crap"

See, it's a two way street here isn't it?

ozamwayvictims said...

Oh yeah, we're proud to be ordinary working class people, is there something wrong with that?

We personally don't see how living within our means, having minimal personal debt, investing money in property, term deposits, and superannuation, funded from jobs we enjoy doing and being able to spend our leisure time with family and friends as we please, is such a bad thing. But as they say, each to their own.