Saturday, June 7, 2008

Amway Australia - Termination Letters??

A very interesting article has appeared on the blog of an ex Quixtar/Amway Diamond, Orrin Woodward, who was terminated/resigned from Quixtar last year and has since joined Monavie. Orrin had this to say the Australian Diamonds leaving Amway for Monavie and in particular, the Stat Dec that Amway wanted the qualifiers for the Mediterranean cruise to sign:

Which saw this comment submitted in reply:

"Re: Amway Australia Family Loyalty Oaths
by Anonymous on Thu 05 Jun 2008 06:48 PM EDT Permanent Link

I have close knowledge of the letter sent to more than just the Australian Diamonds. There have now been additional letters threatening "termination" rule 3.19 - based on "alledged" involvement in Monavie. No due dilligence, no facts, just alledged. It also stated in the letter that the names & phone numbers of your group are Amway intellectual property. You cannot use them for anything but Amway. We get tehm the people & they own them. IBOs of good standing for 20+ years are being terminated based on a rumour. Before you keep going in Amway you should think about the impact of your effort & how quickly your money can be cut off by the legal department"

The next comment submitted had some remarkable, but not really surprising to us, tidbits of info disclosed, which became the focus of his next post:

Now we must stress that we do not know if the information disclosed is 100% true and accurate. We would also like someone to confirm or deny it, until then it's all heresay to us and so we're taking it with a grain of salt.
We'll keep you posted if or when further information comes to light.

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