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Amway Testimonials - Current and Potential IBO's Part 2

Dear Scott,

A brief note, from the greatest country in the world, Australia.

Having had occasion to read some of the entries written to your site, I am reminded of the discussion I had with my upline prior to becoming a distributor.

It was stated to me in no uncertain terms that this business opportunity may be viewed as a ‘vehicle’ to generate additional income above and beyond what it was that was already being earned in the 9 to 5.

At no time was I told that there was no work involved.

At no time was I told that people would flock to me, eager to join. I was told it would be challenging. Everything was spelled out to me. I volunteered.
I was NOT forced, cajoled, blackmailed by anyone.

My partner and I determined that the worst that could happen would be that we would purchase products that can and do work well. It was made very clear that any growth instigated by us would be a voluntary action but any resulting growth would be fostered, if we so desired, to ensure proper and correct understanding of the business opportunity and the lifestyle options building it can generate.

Yes, books, tapes and meetings were strongly advocated, although, in fairness it should be emphasized that these were a voluntary program to which you can subscribe should you wish to develop the business beyond the ‘additional income stage’. What moron would keep buying tapes and books to stockpile? Get a clue…

I would be lying if I said that everything I have purchased read and/or listened to has been life changing or interesting. I don’t always subscribe to a point of view blindly, however, it can be said I believe that if more people exposed themselves to other viewpoints, they may have greater sense of their own selves to make self-determination without looking for a scapegoat, should they come up short in any aspect of their life.

I struggle to work out why persons are so frightened of and anti-social toward Amway as an entity. It is obviously a professionally run outfit (better than Pan Am, United, Enron….need I go on). At NO time have Amway ever stuffed anything up for us or our downlines. ( I cannot say the same for our utility companies or other companies with which we have had dealings). The place is populated with human beings, most of whom have at least one of the following: husbands, wives, families, homes, cars, mortgages and all the paraphernalia of modern life. NOT the big bad boogey man.

Am I a Platinum? No. We are independent business owners and users of product. As a result of people asking, we are able to provide to others on a retail basis. Some long term users have become distributors in their own right. Suits us.

In short, most of the people who are ‘whinging’ about the business and/or their upline should understand that they were not prepared to build the business. They did not see sufficient need for it in their lives and so did not apply themselves. I daresay that similar circumstances have occurred in other parts of their lives as well. In Australia, most of these people would be called ‘wankers’.

People who say "..yeah, but…’ are also wanking.


Kindest regards,

I have visited Sidney Schwartz's site and many others which cast doubts on the Amway business and its claims. Just as an upline of mine said once, "Any business can make a million dollars 'on paper'...", any company or organization can be made to look like a cult, or rip-off.

I will give you credit, though, for at least making a genuine effort to find out the facts. Many of the statements you make about the business are totally accurate, and you have the common sense to admit where there are things you might not have all the information you need. Because of this, I feel it is worth responding to you.

I am an Amway distributor in Australia, and am linked to one of the large systems in the USA. I have been in the business for four years, and am only now just qualifying at the 6% level. After spending easily in excess of $10,000 on the business in different ways, and having not built much of a relationship with my upline, you would think that I qualify as one of Sidney's new disciples...not a chance.

I will deal with a few of your points in summary (admitting I have only had a quick read of your articles):


I have heard the Dun & Bradstreet rating line used in presentations a few times, but have only heard it used to prove the Amway Corporation's solvency - nothing more, nothing less. If you haven't already, you need to see how many billion-dollar corporations pay their accounts (all of them) within seven days. I think maybe DuPont was the only other one, but not now (check this out). You have to ask yourself that if a company was interested in money, money, money, why doesn't it hold onto its cash for as long as possible (we are talking serious dollars I'm sure for interest on billions in bank accounts and on Short Term Money Market)?

Even if it is against the rules of conduct to mention it, it is a very valid point - you might like to find out how many multi-levels have come and gone in 40 years, leaving distributors in the hole. Of course, you can't compare yourself with business that don't exist anymore.


It is inaccurate to use Amway's SA-4400 (or whatever) to analyse incomes for distributors. Just like comparing McDonald's and Burger King, the method of operation is more important than the product in most cases. Organisations which are substantial (such as Yager, Britt, Dornan or Schwartz - no relation, I'm sure - in Europe), are based on very good principles of duplication, as you know.

Some systems guage their growth on the number of applications signed, some on product volume, and some on tape and book numbers. But for the big ones, the result is usually the same - by the time someone has qualified at the Emerald or Diamond level, there is at least one or two 'trunk legs' with usually a large number of directs (or Emeralds and even Diamonds) in it. To give you an example, my upline diamond is believed to have about 200 directs in his organization. In my estimation of his background and growth in the business, he probably had at least 100 by the time he qualified as a Diamond. Now, there are good Emerald business and bad emerald businesses, but I heard it said once that a leg is only really a leg once it has an Emerald in it. If you are talking about incomes, talk about what the leadership considers "real" businesses, and put an emerald in each leg, not a direct.

I've seen directs and pearls say things about income potential which are inaccurate...but they pay the price in credibility and therefore in growth in the long term.
By the way, when someone who is a direct or ruby comes to you with their hard-luck story about the business "not working for them", that's my personal (not indoctrinated) opinion. I don't care if they've built a bigger group than I have, if they haven't got an emerald broken in at least two legs, they aren't in the REAL professional networking zone, i.e. to me they have no credibility.

One more note on incomes of qualifying distributors - If you are really qualifying properly as an Emerald or Diamond, you have a swag of side volume going - not just direct volume. It was reputed that Ken Stewart (hi to anyone in his group) had a further 67 legs outside his Crown Ambassador business to which he was paying bonuses. As my upline Diamond says "Don't underestimate what you will need to do to get this built."


My God - no directs in Guatemala !!?

I think you'll find the true numbers on Diamonds in Amway to be around 800-900 worldwide (just a guess but should be close).


I'm always puzzled by this - the fact that people make money on tools is IN OUR FIRST NIGHT LITERATURE that we give to prospects. Don't forget that being in the tools business does not make you a direct - being in the AMWAY business does. Therefore, the Amway business is the horse, the tools are the cart.

The Australian Tax Office (like your IRS, only they don't where Ray-Bans), is fully appraised of the Amway business operations, including tools, and allows tax deductions on tapes, books, etc only after a suitable level has been reached in the Amway business.
It's probably more legal than you might think.

My upline diamond stood up on stage at an open meeting one night in front of distributors and prospects, held up a tape and said "Do you REALLY think it costs six dollars to make and distribute one of these tapes? Of course not - it's the INFORMATION that we sell for six dollars."

So what happens to the profits? Well, I know for a fact that for two of the biggest organizations in Australia (IDA - part of the Yager system - and Network 21) use that money partly to fund incentive trips for distributors. For about 10 years, IDA head Bert Gulick paid for any couples who qualified (at or around direct level, roughly speaking) to travel to Hawaii for a week. Ever costed flying in distributors from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and putting them up in a good hotel for a week, plus flying in other Diamonds etc. at your own expense? Network 21 I believe have done the same. Now, add to that the bonuses already paid to directs, and that's an amazing deal.

I know for a fact that Schwartz in Europe does similar things, as do all the others, I'm sure. For the most part, a lot of that money is re-invested in the people who have worked hard. I know (and a lot don't) of a Diamond who put approx US$100,000 of his own money into hosting a weekend for a small group of his directs. If you had the opportunity of following some of the Diamonds around, and they don't know you're watching, you'd find that most are the real deal. Believe me, I've checked.

This gets to the point that Sidney Schwartz and a lot of the complainers just don't get - THIS BUSINESS PAYS YOU AT THE END OF THE MARATHON, NOT THE BEGINNING. Life does not owe you anything, and if it does owe you, it ain't going to pay up soon. The business is the same as any other commission-based business, i.e. pay on results. Amway and the organizations around the world do not consider you to be a professional networker of any form until you reach at least the direct level.


One statement answers that:

"If you believed as strongly in your own beliefs as they do in theirs, it wouldn't bother you."
There is no requirement to be a Republican or Christian or whatever in the business - in fact, most organizations are very stand-offish about it, which is why they have an optional Christian service on Sunday mornings after functions. I go to all of those services, but I don't go to Church - no-one has ever tried to get me to their Church or anything like that. But let's face it - if you really believe in God, and you really believe it's a matter of life and death, it's going to be hard for them to keep their mouth shut.

I find it incredible that people complain about what they've given and that they didn't get anything in return. The principle of giving is to give, not to get. As I said, I've spent a lot of money on things where my upline said "Don't be hasty..." but I spent it anyway. Amway did not cost me that money, I did. Last time I looked, you needed to be of legal age to get into Amway. I think that a lot of people should grow up and think for themselves once in a while.

There's a lot more that I could go on about, but I'll leave it there - it's getting long-winded.
You have my e-mail address, please feel free to respond with questions, etc.
I would be more than happy to correspond with any people who have questions or concerns about the business. There doesn't seem to be much of a recourse for people who want the other side of your "other side".

For people with questions or concerns, they can email me on ****** - I'd prefer to stay anonymous to not upset people by using comparisons, etc. Don't worry, I'm not going to prospect you (which is probably why I'm only 6%!)

Take care Charles!


Re: Network 21

I am in Australia and was recently approached by someone regarding "a business opportunity." From what I've read so far this is a very familiar sales pitch. Thankfully I did not meet with this person at my residence as they requested. During our meeting it became clear that it was Amway, re-named 'Network Twenty One.' I previously knew very little. I am naturally cautious and quite prudent in my financial dealings, but I was willing to give this person my ear. What started to bother me, was not any preconceived ideas on Amway, as I knew nothing, but rather the person standing before me. He was rushed when I met him, and could only offer me thirty minutes in our meeting. He raced through the plan, but told me NOTHING of the products. He had all sorts of great brochures of success stories (strangely no failures were mentioned), spoke of points and percentages, pyramid-like profits, and so on. He paused really only at the beginning to establish my vision of life ahead, a brief summary of my hopes and aspirations. After that he had a plan, and he stuck to it. He constantly looked at his watch. At one moment you felt esteemed, he saw potential in you ... for this business opportunity. At another, you felt like a cog in a machine as he methodically chimmed out a well honed pitch, whilst keeping one foot out the door for a swift exit to the next 'business meeting' with another one-of-a-kind person. Part of me envied his drive and wondered what had given him this new lease on life. Another part of me was afraid of finding myself being like him, so driven that you fail to 'really' communicate, really relate with the people you're with. I have only had one meeting. Yes I am cynical and suspicious. Yes it is far too early for me to truly make a wise judgement on this man or the message he brings. I will listen, maybe one more time, but I feel that it is not for me, and I question its impact on him. However that is someting he must decide. You see in all that he presented to me, I never saw any long term plan. It was all so very short term. So very temporal. Just last night I found myself reading the Bible. It was the book of Habakkuk, chapter 3, "Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet will I rejioce in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior." My notes went on to add, "there is nothing wrong in finding pleasure in the good things money can buy. but we should never rely on them for happiness. If our fulfillment depends on material possessions, we are crushed when we lose them. But if our joy is found in the Lord, nothing can disrupt it, not even economic distress. Those who trust in the Lord can rejoice. . . even in poverty." The man I met from Network 21 did not have joy, but he anxiously persued it's distant relative. . . happiness. Author Tim Hansel quotes, "whereas happiness is an emotion, easily flowing up and down, joy is an attitude, it is that deep centred knowledge that God is in control of every aspect of my life." This is long term planning. This is eternal. Nothing beats the life insurance policy that Jesus died to give us, and we can accept by grace, without works. May we all come to know the inner peace of being networked with our Creator. A friend in Australia


I stumbled across your website today as I searched for a direct email link to Amway, so as to cancel my subscription to tapes and books. You have provided the answers to dozens of questions I put to my upline over the past 6 months and which he could not answer because he " doesn't know the absolute details about that, but don't worry about it, just show the plan !"

My net search came about because I simply cannot find the correct Tools link phone number in any of the literature received from my upline. These tapes & books have bled $1000 from my family & I over the past 12 months for a return of around $42.00. That is not a gripe, simply a fact, we didn't show the plan more than 20 times, sponsored 2 people only - one of these is our baby sitter who " got in " because she said that '' if we say it is a good thing then it must be good" and so we can't say that we have really let the system work for us or that we have given Amway a serious push. Similar to many others, we effectively gave up after only 3 months effort.

My reason for mailing you is not to regurgitate all that you already know, it is this: to tell of how a mature 47 yr old business person has somehow allowed myself to be influenced by an associate and to get involved in Amway, against my better judgement. Then, 12 months later to find I am greatly disappointed at what I thought should have been a fantastic opportunity.

My heart tells me that the Amway business plan is great, I love the residual income concept and yes, I want to spend more time with my family and even like the idea of helping other people: that would be different for me, after the cut & thrust of the business world and the dog-eat-dog approach.

My head says something quite different: be careful about believing the hype, why is it that I am embarrassed to tell people that I am in Amway, don't get sucked in by these apparent losers, how come there aren't any new diamonds in Australia in the last 3-4 years, why has Amway Australia's turnover dropped at least $50 million since 1992/3, why has my upline not been able to achieve direct level after 3.5 yrs of driving all over the town 4-5 nights a week and half of every weekend as well ?

Why don't I want to spend time with a group of people I hardly know who seem to have a vocabulary of about a hundred words only, mostly to tell me continually that they love me, they believe in me, that I can do it, you just need to keep going to the functions etc. etc. For the first time in my life, I found my self-esteem in question: what is wrong with me that I seem to doubt every " fact" that is stated by these self developed experts up there on a stage? Why do I cringe and find it hard to clap and smile non-stop at functions, how is it that I seem to be the only person that cannot believe the 2nd rate garbage that spews out of their mouths. Why am I embarrassed to contact people about Amway, to sell them the concept? Why is it that I cannot see the same vision as my upline does in terms of the internet " explosion" that is being predicted? Why would anyone need to join Amway to do home shopping when it is looking to be much easier and, I think, less costly to shop online at Woolworth's? Why is it that try as I might I cannot find one previously successful businessperson who has found they needed to get into Amway? They appear on tapes but I have not seen one such person anywhere as yet. Why do I have serious reservations about Amway being something that I can retire on & depend upon for lifetime support? You have answered many of these questions today.

My experience is one of being a frustrated black sheep, unable to get any real facts on this business from upline, being told that perhaps I am just too afraid to have a serious go at Amway. Yes, I am afraid, I have experienced traditional business with all of its highs and lows and understand risk and reward. I am afraid to trust in people I hardly know, without hard evidence of the successes that they have supposedly achieved.

They all seem to drive 2nd hand rust bucket cars, live in cheap houses and have never been in business for themselves before Amway. That is not intended to put these people down, simply to illustrate that I have little faith in the life experiences of these people being sufficient for me to trust in them and blindly do as I am told.

It hurts to admit that I have been sucked in, fooled, especially at my age. But having been burnt in the past by opportunities that looked a little too good to be true, they always are of course, I have been worried about simply trusting in these new business partners and in the actual Amway system from day one. As you well know, their techniques of persuasion are good, very good, and after a short time one's suspicions & doubts slowly fade as the system of persuasion takes hold. For a time I did follow the system of tapes & books seriously and became influenced by some of the thinking and propaganda. But the lack of evidence of any real success by my upline, the admission from my upline direct that he was in for 9 years before achieving direct, the evidence of real struggle by almost everyone in the business and the strange Christian fundamentalist undertones running through the whole Amway structure caused me to eventually lose faith in the business.

I think now that the Amway system does appeal to a certain type of person : those of us that are "dreamers" at heart and seem to be ready and waiting for the Yager statement that " the facts don't count " and are looking for a better way to make a dollar and to live our lives. But some of us also know our own weaknesses and are on the look out for hidden traps when something appears to be a bit too good. I am sad that I won't be going on with Amway, it has affected me deeply, but I also know that I am not suited to be part of the Amway church and am lucky to be breaking a way at an early stage like this, it would be awful to admit defeat after many years.
You have obviously become the recipient of many peoples confessions and the site for pouring out of hearts: that is good in itself, since most of us have no-one who understands this experience to talk to, so I say thank you for reading all of this and I wish you luck in the future.




Thanks for your prompt response: for your information, I am calling from Canberra in Australia. The Yager system has one Emerald, 4-5 Directs and I guess around 100-150 IBO's here. There are other Amway organizations but I am told that the Yager group comprises about 70% of Amway turnover in OZ.

The city of Canberra has a population of 250,000 and is the Capital city of Oz, the seat of our Federal Government. Average wages here are very low, most people earn $40,000 to $50,000 tops. Professionals earn $90,000 to $120,000. Canberra is a real government town, a little like Washington DC I am told, not a lot of money around, people are low to middle income earners, 50% are public servants.

To answer some of your questions: I am able to pay for tapes direct to the Amway corporation, they now have taken over the operations and collection of money from IDA, although when I cancelled yesterday I spoke to an IDA person in the IDA office within the Amway center in Sydney. There doesn't appear to be any strings attached so far in canceling, we shall see what happens in practice. Payment is usually made by Amway direct debiting my bank account once a month, they have always been most professional in all transactions. But it is costing around $100 per month for 4-5 tapes & the book of the month. The books are okay, but a bit "wet", they seem to be mostly written by Christian types, and consist of a lot of hype.

I got caught up by the excitement of being able to retire in 2-5 years on reasonable money. The " promise " of $150,000 as a diamond looked good, I have been able to earn around $200,000 annually for the past 5 years but have to work very hard in my Civil Engineering business. The idea of " secure, reliable and passive " income really got me going. I did believe that in 5 yrs I would be sleeping in every morning and not going off to work. I was told by my sponsor that a lot of business people and professionals were joining up, that we would be able to speak regularly to the upline Diamond - Trevor Chatham, and that it would only take 6 months to go direct. None of this is true of course. We never met Chatham, I didn't find any successful business types involved and our sponsor's upline " Silver" has been in for 8 yrs and simply cannot seem to get to Direct.

Whenever I expressed doubt about whether I would be able to achieve the results we hoped for, and asked why nobody else in my upline had achieved very much and therefore, why would I be any different to those people, I was told that the system wasn't as good before as it is now and the " new " approach is setting the world on fire. Is any of this familiar ? The thing that amazes me is that the guys did genuinely seem to believe their own spell, either that or they are completely naive and cannot bring themselves to admit that they may in fact fail for a lot longer yet.

I know that you are probably a very busy person and perhaps don't have time to read all of this stuff, but here is the real reason that I became disillusioned: on my list of names I had people that I wouldn't dare to approach until much later on when I had achieved some results, you know how that goes. One person is a business associate of mine, he is hugely successful and was the person who was Construction Director of the new Parliament house building here in Australia back in 1988. He is probably the biggest name in the Building industry here, he is regularly on National TV business shows, Chairman of several major billion dollar companies and in 1990 received the Order Of Australia award - this award is the highest award given out for civic duties / service in this country since the Left wing governments scrapped the British system of knighthood's some years ago.

So, get the picture, he is full of his own importance but a real nice guy, very smart, a high achiever. My sponsors upline asked to look at my list and saw the name of my associate - he also had met him in the past in Canberra. I grudgingly allowed upline star to call Mr Big, and in fact he was able to get him along to an open. It was held in Sydney, I wasn't able to attend that night. I was doing business with Mr. Big at the time ( not any more ! ) and the very next day received his call - " how dare you give out my name etc. etc. I cannot believe the evangelical crap that con-man was dishing up to all of those poor idiots, how can people get sucked in by that nonsense etc. etc. I hope that you aren't involved Russell, why did you give out my name..... "
I got the biggest serve from him of all time of course. And the phone has gone cold since then, he no longer calls me, which I am a bit pissed about.

Now, I didn't mind the walloping but I did mind being embarrassed that I might be involved in the scheme - up to that point I had believed that this thing might work, but I have a lot of respect for Mr. Big and was shocked by his response to the open meeting. It was at that point that I started to question why had I gotten involved at all, was it a con, what had I missed and how could I have allowed myself to be drawn into something that Mr. Big was able to see through immediately. My sponsor and his upline immediately closed ranks and claimed that Mr. Big was too stressed out over his day to day business dealings and he simply failed to understand how fantastic this opportunity really is. That was it for me, I lost total faith in the whole game.

Okay Scott, thanks for your time, this has been quite therapeutic for me actually, as perhaps you can tell. I must confess that I am still disappointed that I am not going to be an Amway Diamond, I really wanted that part of it, amazing isn't it ? Finding your site has made me understand things a lot more clearly, I think I did basically suspect many of the things you have covered on your site, but had no one to verify that my thinking was probably close to the mark. For that I thank you, if there is some way I can assist here, then please let me know what it is. I will follow through on the other Item shortly.



I do not have any current figures on Amway Australia, I don't seem to be able to find their share market listing either. However, I intend to follow that one through and will send the data to you in due course.

Amway is really on the nose here, there has been an increase in interest since A2K was started - that is the internet system that followed your Quickstar, the e-commerce story has sucked in a lot of people, ourselves included, but I gather from talking to others that people are not staying in for long, I predict that it won't take long and everyone will know that the deal is much the same as before.


Re: Amway

Dear Sir,

I don't know if I should laugh, cry or jump off the nearest building... obviously I've been reading all the Amway related information over the past few days and I just had no idea. Ive been a distributor for nearly four years and as you can imagine an unsuccessful one, what was I thinking (actually I wasnt) After being trained for so long not to have a "pity party" or be "negative", I'm finding this difficult so bear with me if I wander. I'm feeling so many different emotions right now I don't really know where to start. I feel sick and embarressed, I really thought I could help people and make a difference but all I was really doing was making my upline rich. Ive been on Amvox, SOT, BOM the works and even sold household items to get to a major function about 1000K's away. I've been a go-getter, done most things they told me to do and still failed, I was told to sponsor up, be more consistent it never occured to me that it might be the "systems" fault that this business wasnt working. After reading your site I feel relief and sadness that I wasn't only one Amway happened to......I dont feel like such a loser now. A small message to Amway Distributors bagging this web site, your not doing yourself any favours, you do actually sound like cult members and I should I know its exactly the same way I sounded only a few months ago. Go and ask your upline about the "tools scam" I did and I got an honest answer but then she justified it by saying, well until we go Diamond we can't change anything hmmmmmm. Don't listen to tapes for a month or attend any functions and see what happens oh and watch some TV. To all the people who hate Amway Distributors I say fair enough, in our defense though most of us thought we were going to do something good and honest, we were wrong. I spent over $15 000 trying to build my business and yes Im bitter and hurt but I'm also starting to feel free you can't believe the relief you feel when you say NO MORE. Two people in my group have renewed their distributorships this year, one of them is my Dad, is there a kind way to break this news because like me he has no idea either. Just so you know, this crap happens in Australia to and yes I'm part of Yaegers group. Thanks for letting me have my say I really needed it.

All the best and keep up the good work. Soon to be former Ambot *s*


Re: Amway

My name is ** my husband * and I are Amway Members in Australia. I have read My Stroy and can understand the what the Lady went through. We had a similar experience with the business but in a different group. We are now in the Network 21 system. Which encourges you to attent all functions and to purchase the bbok and tapes. But to do so not at any expense to your self's. By retailing products. The year is now 2000, and Amway it self has changed. They have made some mistakes and learned from them. No-one denies that they have faults just like any business. But the problem in My story was with her group not Amway as they provide not training or orgainse functions. That is purly done by the Diamond you are attached to. It would be off a great interest to you to check out the Newtwork 21 system. As we donot make our money from the tools, we only cover costs. Our income comes directly from PV & BV via members by want goods and services they want on line. I think before you go public with this you really need to find out the facts on both sides of the coin. * & I have look at both sides. As we have a very successful business not associated to Amway or Network 21, and feel that we can help others more through the Network 21 system. Please keep an open mind. I did not and learned the hard way. I only want the truth to be know, so please look at both sides. I know there are some Diamonds out there that are making money by promoting the business the wrong way, but that happens in every orgainsations (the catholic church, the Salvation Army, the Government and so one) but it is not the orgainsations but the people in those groups at the time. You can email Network 21 for assistance\
Yours faithfully

Let the truth be know.

Im sure this will probably not be shown as you would prefer to have ANTI-AMWAY messages only but I will write it anyway. I myself am an ex-Amway distributor and it shocks me to read the kind of dribble that some people write. Any ex-distributor who goes about giving Amway a bad name, I believe is doing so to hide the fact that they werent good enough to make it. YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH!! And youre just scapegoating to make yourselves feel better. OK I admit it, I didn't try hard enough either, but it gave me the confidence to return to study and live out a lifelong DREAM of Managing a Vineyard. Without the kind of support and motivation that the Amway system gives, I wouldnt have done that. I know of at least three other ex-distributors who would say the same thing. So have a good think about what your saying before you saay it and dont just go jumping on the negativity bandwagon to help with your loss of pride


Working great for me and my family and friends. No one tells you what you have to buy. Over spending and buying what you don't need is not the businesses fault, people do it in stores all of the time.Maybe you did not choose the right system or the right upline for the help that I have received. I am making money and have attended some great FREE trips before I have even reached Direct. Like any business one ventures into you only get out of it waht you are willing to put back in.Making money for other people in a job is for worse than spending a little bit of effort in your own business to have the freedom to do what you choose. If its not Amway it should be somethinig else. Amway is merely a Vehicle to get what you want, Like a newsagency or something. 80 percent of small business fail in the first 5 years but people don't bag that.

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