Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Perils Of Amway - Russell's Story

The Perils of Amway site was one of the first sites we discovered and read through when we initially started to research the Amway "business" over two years ago. Russell's Amway experience was from back in 1996 and at the time when we read it, although it was an intriguing and eye-opening story, we kind of brushed it off with a "nah, that stuff can't be happening here, it was a decade ago" type thought. Nevertheless, Russell's story and many of the other experiences on other sites that we researched back then certainly planted more seeds of doubt and eventually waved some major red flags in our faces.
And it seems that despite the long time frames and whereabouts of others experiences, sadly, TO THIS DAY, many people from all over the world can still relate to them, as can be seen in Russell's guestbook for the site which he set up in 2007. We only stumbled across the guestbook just tonight and seeing as it continually has had comments posted on it, some from Australians, then we can no longer dismiss the site as out-of-date or irrelevant, hence why we've done this blog post about it.
You can check out Russell's story here at
and read for yourself what others are saying by visiting his Guestbook at

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Kazim said...

Hey, thanks for the link and the kind words. I'm 12 years beyond my Amway experiences, so you were probably right to disregard the site as mostly inactive; I'm just glad that adding a guest book gave readers a place to keep up communication with each other.

If you're interested, I do a regular TV show that's mainly about atheism. Recently I dedicated an episode to just talking about financial scams, including Amway and a couple of other "great opportunities." You can watch the episode at this link.