Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amway IBO's - Grab Yourselves a Bargain!

Don't ya just love Ebay? We certainly do. The amount of books, dvd's, cd's, games, clothing, jewellery and other household items our household has bought through Ebay over the years is too numerous too mention. The amount of money we have saved by doing so is just as numerous.

The other night, the Mrs was browsing for some jewellery and came across some Emma Page jewellery, which is sold exclusively by Amway distributors. She said that they had some nice stuff on there and at really great starting prices, and boy she wasn't wrong. Take this item for example, the Crusade Cross Pendant, on the Amway site it retails at $45. Here on Ebay, it's currently sitting at 99 cents!


Who gives a stuff about earning PV when you can pick one of these up for 98% off the retail price? If we were IBO's we certainly wouldn't. But hang on, if we were IBO's we'd be pretty pissed to discover that this exclusive to Amway stuff is being on sold on Ebay in the first place!

It appears that this former IBO (err, Emma Page Sales Consultant) doesn't think that the jewellery is worth hanging onto. Fair enough. Another man's trash is another man's treasure as they say. It made us wonder though what, if any, other Amway stuff was being offloaded for next to nix on Ebay. To our surprise, we found items in the Artistry range of skin care. Like the Replenishing Gel Scrub selling for a little over $20, a big 60% off the Amway retail price of $52. Most other Artistry items were/are also selling at 40-60% off the retail prices.

And lo and behold, we even found those must have items for any "serious" business builder, that is Tools. There is a Network 21 cd/dvd pack. 48 cds and 4 dvd's for the low low price of $4, that's not a typo, see:


This seller (ex-distributor) is virtually giving the stuff away considering he's valued them at over $440. Funny how these tools which are an essential part of the "proven" system of success, that help greatly not only in "the business" but also provide great personal benefit and value (as stated by many many "IBO's") aren't so valuable or beneficial anymore, when your not in the "business".

You IDA'ers don't lose out either! there is an ideal package for you, with everything you need to get you going on your path to Diamond too. Take this one for example:

Wow! What a bargain indeed. We figure there's about $700 worth of junk, err stuff right there that you can pick up for over 96% off!! Not enough you say? Well ok, how about this one?:

Yup, 120 Tapes (yeah tapes, bit of a bugger that, but heck 90% of them are unopened!) and other incidental business stuff valued at over $1000 according to the seller, all for the low, low, low starting price of $1. Friggin hell, seriously, why would ya even bother?

Again it seems that these tools, being the "tools for success" that are so vital and valuable for this "business" which also provide great benefits in other aspects of "IBO's" personal lives are really not so valuable after all when they're being offloaded on Ebay for the prices they are.

So there you go, there are indeed massive savings to be made by buying through Amway, it's just not through Amway itself. Bonus is that, for ordinary folks who actually like the products but don't want to pay the annual membership fee for the privilege of being able to buy at "wholesale" prices and become some random "IBO's" downline in the process, they really don't have to.

Aaahhh steal a quote from Dex, "Ain't it Great!"


rocket said...

Great Post!

I'm forwarding my readers here!

It is absolutely pathetic how these vital "tools" become worthless rather quickly, isn't it?

Who would think that happens in Australia?

ozamwayvictims said...

Thanks rocket,

Yup, the thing is, most of these "vital" tools are absolutely worthless in the first place. Seriously, many AMO's have hundreds of these vital cds and tapes available. Most of them with the same ole you can do it, don't give up, chase your dreams rah-rah crap. And every single one of these are vital? Pfft, don't think so.

Of course, to IBO's chasing the dream (more like chasing their tails) in the hope of being one of the "winners" they are absolutely vital, or at least that's what they've been told and sold on.

Nothing motivates a business person more than making money. By that, we mean making real profit and net profit at that. If the business your in needs to motivate you by ongoing weekly meetings and "counselling" sessions, monthly seminars, quarterly conferences/functions, and ongoing monthly subscriptions to an seemingly endless supply of cd's, tapes and books, that YOU pay for, well it says much about the business your in doesn't it?

Hmm, unfortunately Australia is not immune by any means to the crap that goes on in this "business" elsewhere in the world.